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Not everything is here to share my ideas, some came from friends and many, see the Web. This is what I do to find these penny pinching ideas and put them here, as well as the mine, a place for you. That can constantly looking for new tips, ideas and products, which help to stretch the dollars-cent pinch. Did you know that these dollars were made of rubber? I'm in my house. When it comes to small things, I like to think that I can from both terminals solid as any currency. I would like to have unexpected expedition, where I take my clothes are not controls. Always same bottles shampoo down to the last drop. I remember that my mother told me a penny saved when he was young, a penny earned and the pennies are US dollars. Who would like to not have a little more of your money in the Bank? It is likely that tips save more through the use of some cents could pinch. Visit my site and see what ideas you can get a little more for your money. Don ' worry — email address is completely rocket japanese free safe. I agree to send use only on the letter to grandmother of Pennypinching. Have a suggestion by penny pinching, you would like to share?If so just go to questions, and grandmother let you know. .